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Shop the Heartland: The Book Nook

By Serese Cole, KMTV News

Jan 21, 2021

PAPILLION, Neb. (KMTV) — Research reveals that reading reduces stress, increases your vocabulary and makes you more knowledgeable.

If one of your goals is to read more in 2021, there's a new bookstore in downtown Papillion you'll want to visit.

"We call it 600 square feet of fun,” said The Book Nook owner DaRon Washington.

Washington has loved books all of his life.

"Ever since I was little. Shel Silverstein has always been one of my favorites,” said Washington.

His excitement for reading continues today.

“When you have a book, you love it, and then when you're done with it, you don't want to get rid of it. You don't want to throw it away. So I would have all these books left over," said Washington.

He started selling all his leftovers online.

“People just started buying them,” said Washington.

Then, three months ago, in the middle of a global pandemic, he opened The Book Nook.

He's been busy ever since.

“I think people always wanted to read more they just haven't had the time and I think it's almost a forced us to slow down,” said Washington.

The Book Nook also sells board games, puzzles and lots and lots of videos. Neighbors are noticing.

“I love it. We just kind of stumbled upon it,” said customer Andrea Dethlefs.

Not only are people in Papillion supporting this small business — they're donating their books to the store.

“Unfortunately, there were some bookstores here that went out of business, and I think that because those bookstores went out of business, the community has felt the pain and then when another one showed up it was like, you know what, this is what we need in our community,” said Washington.

Books bringing more life to downtown Papillion.

"I always had so many dreams for downtown Papillion… I always thought wouldn't it be amazing if they had coffee shops and a bakery and ice cream shop and bookstore. It's amazing,” said customer Rachel Dethlefs.

All the book donations are sanitized before they make it on the bookshelves. There are about 4,000 new and used books to choose from inside The Book Nook on 118 North Washington St.

Washington also has more than 20,000 books online.

To check out his full inventory, visit The Book Nook’s website.

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